Floor sanders are the ideal way to bring a floor back to life. They can easily remove any imperfections ready for re-varnishing, waxing or polishing.

Not sure which sander to choose? Contact us and we can help. For example if you are in a tight space or sanding down small items then our Delta Corner Sander will do the job or if you are looking to sand down floorboards in an old property or just change the look of your floor then Floor Sander 8″ will be more appropriate.

Hire List

Contact your nearest branch to hire any of the following:

1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days1 WeekExtra Days
Biscuit Jointer£29.00£34.80£46.40£58.00£58.00£11.60
Belt Sander£19.50£23.40£31.20£39.00£39.00£7.80
Delta Corner Sander£9.25£11.10£14.80£18.50£18.50£3.70
Orbital Sander£9.25£11.10£14.80£18.50£18.50£3.70
Palm Sander£9.25£11.10£14.80£18.50£18.50£3.70
Random Sander£9.25£11.10£14.80£18.50£18.50£3.70
Pole Sander£51.50£61.80£82.40£103.00£103.00£20.60
Edging Sander£26.50£31.80£42.40£53.00£53.00£10.60
Floor Sander 8″£36.50£43.80£58.40£73.00£73.00£14.60
Floor and Carpet Stripper 8″£66.00£79.20£105.60£132.00£132.00£26.40
Mini Grinder 4.5″ – 5″£8.75£10.50£14.00£17.50£17.50£3.50
Mini Grinder with 5″ Diamond Blade£17.25£20.70£27.60£34.50£34.50£6.90
Mini Grinder with 5″ Diamond Mortar Raking Blade£34.50£41.40£55.20£69.00£69.00£13.80
9″ Angle Grinder£12.00£14.40£19.20£24.00£24.00£4.80
9″ Angle Grinder with Diamond Blade£24.00£28.80£38.40£48.00£48.00£9.60
5″ Electric Hand Held – Diamond Concrete Plane£57.00£68.40£91.20£114.00£114.00£22.80
7″ Electric Hand Held – Diamond Concrete Plane£74.50£89.40£119.20£149.00£149.00£29.80
Flex Cup Stone Grinder – Cup Stones Extra£17.25£20.70£27.60£34.50£34.50£6.90
Laminate Trimmer£17.25£20.70£27.60£34.50£34.50£6.90
Wood Plane 3″£17.25£20.70£27.60£34.50£34.50£6.90
Router 1/2″£23.00£27.60£36.80£46.00£46.00£9.20
Whirlaway Scabbler Inc. 1st Set Cutters – Extra sets available£46.00£55.20£73.60£92.00£92.00£18.40
Electric Needle Gun – Trelawny VL219ES£35.00£42.00£56.00£70.00£70.00£14.00

(Mortar Raking Adaptors, Dust Hoods, Raking Bits and Universal Rake Holders Available)

All hire prices are exclusive of VAT.

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