We can supply a wide range of garden machinery including rotavators, mini tractors, cultivators, chain saws, hedge trimmers and much more. Ideal for general contractors, civil engineers, ground workers, sole trader builders, factories, farmers, garden services / landscaping contractors and of course private DIY customers.

Rotavators are commonly used in garden, allotments and fields to breakup and aerate soil. This can improve drainage, levels the ground and makes it ideal for growing.

A cultivator is a small 3 & 5hp machine that is not driven or geared it is just for light turning over of soil, a rotavator is the larger 8 and 15hp ones which are geared and self propelled and will turn over more heavy ground.

Hire List

Contact your nearest branch to hire any of the following:

1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days1 WeekExtra Days
Rotavator/Stone Burier on Mini Tractor£280.00£336.00£448.00£560.00£560.00£112.00
Cultivator 3HP£30.00£36.00£48.00£60.00£60.00£12.00
Cultivator 5HP£37.00£44.40£59.20£74.00£74.00£14.80
Rotavator 8HP£63.00£75.60£100.80£126.00£126.00£25.20
Rotavator 13HP£85.00£102.00£136.00£170.00£170.00£34.00
Hedge Trimmer – Petrol or Cordless Battery£31.75£38.10£50.80£63.50£63.50£12.70
Hedge Trimmer – Long Reach – Petrol£39.50£47.40£63.20£79.00£79.00£15.80
Hedge Trimmer – Long Reach – Cordless Battery£52.50£63.00£84.00£105.00£105.00£21.00
Chainsaw 14″ Electric c/w Safety Kit£47.00£56.40£75.20£94.00£94.00£18.80
Chainsaw 14″ Petrol c/w Safety Kit£47.00£56.40£75.20£94.00£94.00£18.80
Chainsaw 18″ Petrol c/w Safety Kit£47.00£56.40£75.20£94.00£94.00£18.80
Pole Chain Saw Petrol£53.00£63.60£84.80£106.00£106.00£21.20
Tree Pruner – Manual£11.00£13.20£17.60£22.00£22.00£4.40
Hand Auger£11.00£13.20£17.60£22.00£22.00£4.40
Post Hole Borer – 1 Man£41.00£49.20£65.60£82.00£82.00£16.40
Post Hole Borer – 2 Man£46.50£55.80£74.40£93.00£93.00£18.60
Post Hole Borer – ED90 Pedestrian£54.50£65.40£87.20£109.00£109.00£21.80
Post Rammer – Hand Operated£11.00£13.20£17.60£22.00£22.00£4.40
Brush Cutter/Strimmer – Petrol or Cordless Battery£30.50£36.60£48.80£61.00£61.00£12.20
Stump Grinder Medium Pedestrian – Petrol£78.00£93.60£124.80£156.00£156.00£31.20
Stump Grinder Large Pedestrian – Petrol£130.00£156.00£208.00£260.00£260.00£52.00
Log Splitter – Petrol or Electric£90.00£108.00£144.00£180.00£180.00£36.00
Medium Log Splitter – Electric£28.00£33.60£44.80£56.00£56.00£11.20
Log Saw 240v – 400mm£30.00£36.00£48.00£60.00£60.00£12.00
Topper on Mini Tractor£202.50£243.00£324.00£405.00£405.00£81.00
Flail Mower on Mini Tractor£210.00£252.00£336.00£420.00£420.00£84.00
Flail Mower – Petrol – 25″ Heavy Duty£140.00£168.00£224.00£280.00£280.00£56.00
Ride on Lawn Mower – Honda 36″£125.00£150.00£200.00£250.00£250.00£50.00
Lawn Mower – Petrol – 19″ Push£17.25£20.70£27.60£34.50£34.50£6.90
Lawn Mower – Petrol – 21″ Self Propelled£24.75£29.70£39.60£49.50£49.50£9.90
Ride on Mower – Diesel 48″£167.50£201.00£268.00£335.00£335.00£67.00
Lawn Scarifier – Petrol£45.00£54.00£72.00£90.00£90.00£18.00
Lawn Aerator – Petrol£45.00£54.00£72.00£90.00£90.00£18.00
Turf Lifter – Petrol£55.00£66.00£88.00£110.00£110.00£22.00
Trencher – Petrol 36” depth – 4” Width – Tracked£290.00£348.00£464.00£580.00£580.00£116.00
Garden Blower/Vacuum – Petrol£25.00£30.00£40.00£50.00£50.00£10.00
Billy Goat Vacuum – Pedestrian£51.50£61.80£82.40£103.00£103.00£20.60
Garden Shredder – 5HP – Petrol – 1 3/4 inch£45.00£54.00£72.00£90.00£90.00£18.00
Industrial Chipper 13HP – Petrol – 3″£60.00£72.00£96.00£120.00£120.00£24.00
Industrial Chipper 35HP – Diesel – 6″ Towable£175.00£210.00£280.00£350.00£350.00£70.00
Industrial Chipper 35HP – Diesel – 6″ Tracked£220.00£264.00£352.00£440.00£440.00£88.00
Industrial Chipper 35HP – Diesel – 7.5″ Tracked£300.00£360.00£480.00£600.00£600.00£120.00
Tractor Driven Forst PT6 Wood Chipper Attachment – 6″£172.50£207.00£276.00£345.00£345.00£69.00
Garden Roller£12.50£15.00£20.00£25.00£25.00£5.00
Fertilizer/Seed Spreader£12.50£15.00£20.00£25.00£25.00£5.00
Post Puller£60.00£72.00£96.00£120.00£120.00£24.00


All hire prices are exclusive of VAT.

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