We can supply a wide range of scissor lifts starting with the Genie GS-1532 electric scissor (15′ high, 32″ wide) and we go up to the GS-4069 (40′ high, 69″ wide). We have scissor lifts available powered by electric, including Lithium-Ion, diesel and also BI-Energy machines.

Our scissor lifts are made by the world leading manufacturer Genie and also the world renowned, UK manufactured, Snorkel. We regard these as two of the top quality makes available on the market. Our 26′ (7.92m) and 32′ (9.75m) diesel scissor lifts are all available in rough terrain and some have self-levelling legs to suit all kinds of terrain. We supply to private DIY customers as well as professional and industrial customers.

We have a wide variety of scissors lifts available up to 12.12 metre platform height – an impressive 14.12 metre working height (Scissors that are; mobile, self-levelling, rough terrain, diesel, battery, lithium-ion, bi-energy).

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We can supply a huge range of scissor lifts, boom lifts, alloy towers, ladders, steps, trestles, boards and props for hire.

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Hire List

Contact your nearest branch to hire any of the following:

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Model1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days1 WeekExtra Days
Youngman BoSS X3X Battery – Push AroundMagnifying Glass Icon£60.00£90.00£120.00£150.00£150.00£30.00
Genie GS-1532/GS-1930/GS-1932Magnifying Glass Icon£96.00£144.00£192.00£240.00£240.00£48.00
Snorkel S3219EMagnifying Glass Icon£96.00£144.00£192.00£240.00£240.00£48.00
Genie GS-2032Magnifying Glass Icon£96.00£144.00£192.00£240.00£240.00£48.00
Genie GS-2646Magnifying Glass Icon£106.00£159.00£212.00£265.00£265.00£53.00
Snorkel S4726EMagnifying Glass Icon£106.00£159.00£212.00£265.00£265.00£53.00
Genie GS-3246Magnifying Glass Icon£126.00£189.00£252.00£315.00£315.00£63.00
Snorkel S4732EMagnifying Glass Icon£126.00£189.00£252.00£315.00£315.00£63.00
LGMG SR1018D Rough Terrain
Magnifying Glass Icon
Magnifying Glass IconGenie GS-3369 Scissor – Rough Terrain Self Levelling£144.00£216.00£288.00£360.00£360.00£72.00
Magnifying Glass IconSnorkel S3370E Scissor – Lithium-ion, Rough Terrain Self Levelling£144.00£216.00£288.00£360.00£360.00£72.00
Genie GS-4069 Bi-Energy Self LevellingMagnifying Glass Icon£176.00£264.00£352.00£440.00£440.00£88.00
ModelPowerPlatform HeightPlatform SizeExtensionMachine WidthPlatform SWLHeight When Stowed
  Rails Up Folded
BoSS X3XBattery3.2m1.25m x 57cmN/A76cm240kg1.80m1.80m
GS-1532DCBattery4.57m1.63m x 74cm91cm81.3cm272kg2.08m1.70m
GS-1930DCBattery5.79m1.63m x 74cm91cm76cm227kg2.00m1.75m
GS-1932DCBattery5.79m1.63m x 74cm91cm81.3cm227kg2.11m1.75m
S3219EBattery5.79m1.62m x 72cm91cm81cm250kg2.11m1.65m
GS-2032DCBattery6.10m2.26m x 81cm91cm81.3cm363kg2.13m1.75m
GS-2646DCBattery7.92m2.26m x 1.15m92cm1.17m454kg2.26m1.68m
S4726EBattery7.80m2.14m x 1.09m1.21m1.19m454kg2.30m1.85m
GS-3246DCBattery9.75m2.26m x 1.15m92cm1.17m318kg2.39m1.80m
S4732EBattery9.80m2.14m x 1.09m1.21m1.19m350kg2.39m1.94m
SR1018DDiesel9.80m2.79m x 1.60m1.52m1.79m454kg2.55m1.89m
GS-3369RTDiesel9.96m2.79m x 1.60m1.52m1.75m454kg2.59m1.92m
S3370RTELithium-ion10.00m2.80m x 1.60m1.20m1.80m454kg2.70m2.00m
GS-4069BEBi-Energy12.12m2.79m x 1.60m1.52m1.75m363kg2.74m2.08m

All hire prices are exclusive of VAT.

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