We can supply a wide range of scissor lifts starting with the Genie GS-1532 electric scissor (15′ high, 32″ wide) and we go up to the GS-4069 (40′ high, 69″ wide). We have scissor lifts available powered by electric, diesel and even BI-Energy machines.

All of our scissor lifts are made by Genie which we regard as a quality manufacturer. Our 26′ (7.92m) and 32′ (9.75m) diesel scissor lifts are all available in rough terrain and some have self-levelling legs to suit all kinds of terrain. We supply to private DIY customers as well as professional and industrial customers.

We have a wide variety of scissors lifts available up to 12.12 metre platform height – an impressive 14.12 metre working height (Scissors that are; mobile, self-levelling, rough terrain, diesel, battery, bi-energy).

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We can supply a huge range of scissor lifts, boom lifts, alloy towers, ladders, steps, trestles, boards and props for hire.

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Hire List

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Model1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days1 WeekExtra Days
Genie GS-1532/GS-1930/GS-1932Magnifying Glass Icon£86.80£130.20£173.60£217.00£217.00£43.40
Genie GS-2032Magnifying Glass Icon£86.80£130.20£173.60£217.00£217.00£43.40
Genie GS-2646Magnifying Glass Icon£95.60£143.40£191.20£239.00£239.00£47.80
Genie GS-3246Magnifying Glass Icon£114.40£171.60£228.80£286.00£286.00£57.20
Genie GS-3268£131.60£197.40£263.20£329.00£329.00£65.80
Genie GS-2668 Scissor – Rough Terrain Self LevellingMagnifying Glass Icon£114.40£171.60£228.80£286.00£286.00£57.20
Genie GS-3268 Scissor – Rough Terrain Self LevellinMagnifying Glass Icong£131.60£197.40£263.20£329.00£329.00£65.80
Magnifying Glass IconGenie GS-3369 Scissor – Rough Terrain Self Levelling£131.60£197.40£263.20£329.00£329.00£65.80
Genie GS-4069 Bi-Energy Self LevellingMagnifying Glass Icon £161.20£241.80£322.40£403.00£403.00£80.60


ModelPowerPlatform HeightPlatform SizeExtensionMachine WidthPlatform SWLHeight When Stowed
 Rails Up Folded
GS-1532DCBattery4.57m1.63m x 74cm91cm81.3cm272kg2.08m1.70m
GS-1930DCBattery5.79m1.63m x 74cm91cm76cm227kg2.00m1.75m
GS-1932DCBattery5.79m1.63m x 74cm91cm81.3cm227kg2.11m1.75m
GS-2032DCBattery6.10m2.26m x 81cm91cm81.3cm363kg2.13m1.75m
GS-2646DCBattery7.92m2.26m x 1.15m92cm1.17m454kg2.26m1.68m
GS-3246DCBattery9.75m2.26m x 1.15m92cm1.17m318kg2.39m1.80m
GS-3268DCBattery9.75m2.51m x 1.55m1.45m1.73m454kg2.45m1.83m
GS-2668RTDiesel7.92m2.51m x 1.55m1.45m1.73m567kg2.32m1.70m
GS-3268RTDiesel9.75m2.51m x 1.55m1.45m1.73m454kg2.45m1.83m
GS-3369RTDiesel9.96m2.79m x 1.6m1.52m1.75m454kg2.59m1.92m
GS-4069BEBi-Energy12.12m2.79m x 1.6m1.52m1.75m363kg2.74m2.08m



All hire prices are exclusive of VAT.

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