All our boom lifts, or cherry pickers as they are more commonly known, are well serviced and maintained by qualified engineers.

We can supply narrow battery booms for tight spaces as well as large articulated machines for bigger projects, some with jib extensions and some that are tracked for easier access to sites. We have mostly Genie machines in our fleet along with Manitou, Niftylift and Hinowa. We supply to all customers whether for private DIY customers or professional/industrial users. (Booms up to 70′ reach, diesel / battery / Bi-Energy, mobile, towable, self levelling, rough terrain,  and tracked).

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We can supply a wide range of scissor lifts, boom lifts, alloy towers, ladders, steps, trestles, boards and props for hire.

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Hinowa Lightlift 1775

Hire List

Contact your nearest branch to hire any of the following: Click on the product titles below for full specifications.

Model1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days1 WeekExtra Days
Genie Z30/20NRJ Battery Magnifying Glass Icon£178.00£267.00£356.00£445.00£445.00£89.00
LGMG A09JE Battery Magnifying Glass Icon£178.00£267.00£356.00£445.00£445.00£89.00
Genie Z34/22 Bi-EnergyMagnifying Glass Icon£182.00£273.00£364.00£455.00£455.00£91.00
Genie Z34/22 Rough TerrainMagnifying Glass Icon£182.00£273.00£364.00£455.00£455.00£91.00
Niftylift HR12NDEMagnifying Glass Icon£182.00£273.00£364.00£455.00£455.00£91.00
Genie Z45/25J Bi-EnergyMagnifying Glass Icon£228.00£342.00£456.00£570.00£570.00£114.00
Genie Z45/25J Rough TerrainMagnifying Glass Icon£228.00£342.00£456.00£570.00£570.00£114.00
LGMG AR14J Rough TerrainMagnifying Glass Icon£228.00£342.00£456.00£570.00£570.00£114.00
Genie Z51/30J Rough TerrainMagnifying Glass Icon£238.40£357.60£476.80£596.00£596.00£119.20
Manitou 200ATJ Rough TerrainMagnifying Glass Icon£268.00£402.00£536.00£670.00£670.00£134.00
Niftylift 120T – TowableMagnifying Glass Icon£140.00£210.00£280.00£350.00£350.00£70.00
Niftylift SD210Magnifying Glass Icon£275.20£412.80£550.40£688.00£688.00£137.60
Hinowa Lightlift 17.75Magnifying Glass Icon£272.00£408.00£544.00£680.00£680.00£136.00
Lanyard & Harness to accompany boom platform hire£5.00*£1.00
**Coming Soon… Trailer for Hinowa Lightlift**T.B.C.T.B.C.T.B.C.T.B.C.T.B.C.T.B.C.

*Denotes minimum hire.

ModelPowerPlatform HeightOutreachPlatform SizeWidth(Size) SWL (kgs)
Genie Z30/20NRJBattery8.89m6.25m1.22m x 76cm1.19m227kg
LGMG A09JEBattery9.00m6.25m1.17m x 76cm1.19m230kg
Genie Z34/22BEBi-Energy10.52m6.78m1.42m x 76cm1.73m227kg
Genie Z34/22RTDiesel10.52m6.78m1.42m x 76cm1.73m227kg
Niftylift HR12NDEBi-Energy10.20m6.10m1.10m x 65cm1.50m200kg
Genie Z45/25J BEBi-Energy13.94m7.65m1.83m x 76cm1.79m227kg
Genie Z45/25JDiesel13.86m7.52m1.83m x 76cm2.29m227kg
LGMG AR14JDiesel14.09m7.67m1.83m x 76cm2.31m230kg
Genie Z51/30JDiesel15.62m9.25m1.83m x 76cm2.29m227kg
Manitou 200ATJDiesel18.00m12.00m2.10m x 80cm2.40m230kg
Niftylift SD210Diesel19.30m12.60m1.50m x 70cm2.05m225kg
Niftylift 120TBattery10.20m6.10m1.10m x 65cm1.10m200kg
Hinowa Lightlift 17.75Diesel or Petrol15.00m7.00m1.33m x 69cm80cm230kg


All hire prices are exclusive of VAT.

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