We can supply the following equipment to general contractors, civil engineers, ground workers, sole trader builders, factories, farmers, garden services / landscaping contractors and of course private DIY customers.

Hire List

Contact your nearest branch to hire any of the following:

1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days1 WeekExtra Days
4/3 Concrete Mixer – Petrol – 3 cu.ft.Output£15.75£18.90£25.20£31.50£31.50£6.30
4/3 Concrete Mixer – Electric – 3 cu.ft. Output£15.75£18.90£25.20£31.50£31.50£6.30
5/3.5 Concrete Mixer – Diesel – 3.5 cu.ft. Output *£41.00£8.20
Roller Striker c/w Power Pack 4.2M – 7.92M£172.80£172.80£216.00£216.00£216.00£43.20
Hand Tamper up to 6M£21.50£25.80£34.40£43.00£43.00£8.60
Magic Screed 2.5m + 5m£86.50£103.80£138.40£173.00£173.00£34.60
Vibrating Screed Unit£32.50£39.00£52.00£65.00£65.00£13.00
Aluminium Twin Beams – Per metre£10.75£12.90£17.20£21.50£21.50£4.30
Road Forms – 4”, 6”, 8” Straights & Flexible – 10’ long *£5.50£1.10
Power Float – Petrol£38.00£45.60£60.80£76.00£76.00£15.20
Float Pan for Power Float£10.75£12.90£17.20£21.50£21.50£4.30
Float – Hand Operated Fresno & Big Blue£32.50£39.00£52.00£65.00£65.00£13.00
Floor Grinder – Petrol/Electric (Blocks or Wire Brushes Extra)£54.00£64.80£86.40£108.00£108.00£21.60
Scabbling Wheels – for above *£19.50£3.90
Diamond Floor Grinding Block – for above£54.00£64.80£86.40£108.00£108.00£21.60
Diamond Floor Grinder 110 Volt£124.50£149.40£199.20£249.00£249.00£49.80
Grooving Machine – Petrol with T.C. Cutters£59.50£71.40£95.20£119.00£119.00£23.80
Roof De-Chipper – Petrol with T.C. Cutters£59.50£71.40£95.20£119.00£119.00£23.80
Surface Planer – Petrol with T.C. Cutters£135.00£162.00£216.00£270.00£270.00£54.00
Vibrating Poker Unit- Petrol/Diesel with Poker 1″ – 3″£32.50£39.00£52.00£65.00£65.00£13.00
Electric Hi Frequency Vibrating Poker£38.50£46.20£61.60£77.00£77.00£15.40
Vibrating Poker Only£26.50£31.80£42.40£53.00£53.00£10.60
Slab Cutter£21.50£25.80£34.40£43.00£43.00£8.60
Block Splitter£21.50£25.80£34.40£43.00£43.00£8.60
Concrete Test Cube *£11.00£2.20

* Denotes minimum hire.

All hire prices are exclusive of VAT.

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